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Client Case Study: Treating Pain and Numbness In the Upper Arm

We just had a client finish up his fourth and final session for a nasty year long bout of severe pain on the outside of the upper arm and shoulder. The aching pain and numbness was so intense, it kept our client up at night and out of the gym. So if you’re experiencing something […]

Successfully Treating Bell’s Palsy with Therapeutic Massage

People who have dealt with Bell’s Palsy know it’s absolutely no fun. It shows up one day unexpectedly, might even hurt a little, and takes a while to resolve. The facial drooping associated with Bell’s Palsy is caused by weakness in the facial nerve. Most doctors say from 10 days to several months. Your MD […]

Sore Necks and Tight Pecs

Probably the single most common complaint we get as massage therapists is upper back pain. Neck and shoulders are tight and causing issues. We ask our clients to point to where it hurts and they make large sweeping gestures about the head and neck saying, “Allllllllllllll thiiiissssssss.” Oh yeah. We CAN help! But how do […]