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Client Case Study: Treating Pain and Numbness In the Upper Arm

We just had a client finish up his fourth and final session for a nasty year long bout of severe pain on the outside of the upper arm and shoulder. The aching pain and numbness was so intense, it kept our client up at night and out of the gym. So if you’re experiencing something like this, here’s how we treat it. A year of pain gone in six weeks. 

The first session was our short client intake questionnaire and formulating a plan of attack. In this case, we started with a complete run through of the chest, neck, and shoulder girdle. We typically cover both sides in the first session and aim to balance the shoulder girdle while hitting the usual suspects that contribute to these symptoms. There are many points in the neck, chest, shoulder, and arm that can cause pain patterns like this. We use the first session to identify and isolate the main issues and build on our work in the next session. 

Session two was a deep dive into the chest, neck, and shoulder of the affected arm. The client was feeling about 50% better after the first session and was able to sleep through most nights again. We built on the work of the previous session, releasing the areas we identified and working deeply to uncover the root cause issues. The body is a system of systems and we often strip back layers only to find a couple more areas that are out of balance. In this case, we identified the root of the pain was a six inch strip running from the middle of the deltoid to just above the elbow. 

Upon arrival for session three, our client was really starting to improve. Sleep was back to normal. The pain was off and on now – mostly off. More of a nagging feeling than a persistent ache. He starts talking about getting back to the gym and about how he can’t believe the year of pain is almost over. So we work the affected area deeply. Strip the bicep and tricep from the elbow all they way to the shoulder. We continue to open the chest and neck. 

Session four. It’s just the tiniest bit there. Our client doesn’t need to dig at the spot on bad days because there aren’t any really bad days now. Sleep is back. Client hit the gym a few times already. We do a little clean up work to release the last little bit and shake hands. The pain is gone. 

If you’re experiencing issues like this, call us today. We specialize in soft tissue injuries and difficult conditions that cause things like numbness and tingling. We are conveniently located in Clearwater of US Highway 19, just north of Gulf to Bay.

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