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Starting Out in Your Massage Business

How do I get clients when I first start a massage therapy business? Here’s a quick rundown of some basics. Now get out there and meet new people! Listen to this video for a more in-depth discussion on some dos and don’ts when your first starting your massage business. If you enjoyed this video, please […]

Take the Week Off

We see plenty of injuries every month but there is a class which plagues athletes more than any other. It is insidious and creeps up seemingly out of nowhere. It’s sets athletes back days, weeks, months, and in extreme cases – a year or more. Which injuries are these? The injuries caused by overtraining and […]

Soreness After Massage: When Is It Normal?

First things first, let’s put aside the idea of using terms like always and never. We hear all the time experts on the internet saying always do this, never do that. Let’s take each situation as it presents itself and make the best decision we can with the information given. I bring this up because […]

Treating Severe Pain Issues With Massage

Oftentimes someone has a severe pain issue with an unknown first cause. They don’t know where it came from. We often get asked if we can treat it or if therapeutic massage is even a good place to start. Let’s start by defining what we consider to be severe pain. This would be the kind […]

Therapeutic Massage for Shoulder Pain, Arm Tingling, and Hand Numbness

We get these cases all the time and people are always blown away that massage can be a solution for these symptoms. The good news is these usually resolve with just a few sessions! When you look at charts of referred pain patterns…yes we realize no one’s looking, but IF you did you’d find that […]

Relieving Achilles Pain

Living here in beautiful Tampa Bay, many of our clients are runners, cyclists, and swimmers. We also see those who skateboard, paddle board, etc. So a common complaint is Achilles pain. Sometimes the client might say they have pain in the back of the heel or foot. Let’s keep in mind that these people walked […]

When We Refer

Not every problem in the body has a massage answer. As therapists, we need to be aware of this fact so we can help our clients get the results they need as quickly as possible. There’s an old expression that goes something like this: if all you have is a hammer, every problem is a […]

Client Case Study: Treating Pain and Numbness In the Upper Arm

We just had a client finish up his fourth and final session for a nasty year long bout of severe pain on the outside of the upper arm and shoulder. The aching pain and numbness was so intense, it kept our client up at night and out of the gym. So if you’re experiencing something […]

Successfully Treating Bell’s Palsy with Therapeutic Massage

People who have dealt with Bell’s Palsy know it’s absolutely no fun. It shows up one day unexpectedly, might even hurt a little, and takes a while to resolve. The facial drooping associated with Bell’s Palsy is caused by weakness in the facial nerve. Most doctors say from 10 days to several months. Your MD […]

Sore Necks and Tight Pecs

Probably the single most common complaint we get as massage therapists is upper back pain. Neck and shoulders are tight and causing issues. We ask our clients to point to where it hurts and they make large sweeping gestures about the head and neck saying, “Allllllllllllll thiiiissssssss.” Oh yeah. We CAN help! But how do […]