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Tampa Bay Business Connections

Revenue Generating Activities Network put us on right after Massage Alchemist had successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. We are still so grateful for this opportunity to be featured on Tampa Bay Business Connections with John Gaston. It’s amazing to look back now and see that while many things have changed, our philosophy remains the same: Massage Alchemist is here to get people out of pain and back to doing what they love. 

Whether it’s athletic performance, chronic pain, recovering from surgery, or injury rehabilitation – we can help. If you’ve been with us for awhile check out the video and see if you can spot some of the changes we have made. If you’d like to learn more about how to grow your business in the Tampa Bay Area, check out RGA at or give us a call. We offer personalized coaching on how to maximize your networking efforts to grow your business.

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