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Can you avoid surgery using massage therapy?

When you are asking if surgery can be avoided using massage therapy it helps to ask a slightly better question. Is my particular injury or pathology a good candidate for trying massage therapy first? As we get into this subject, it is important to keep in mind we always recommend you follow your doctor’s advice […]

Tampa Bay Business Connections

Revenue Generating Activities Network put us on right after Massage Alchemist had successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. We are still so grateful for this opportunity to be featured on Tampa Bay Business Connections with John Gaston. It’s amazing to look back now and see that while many things have changed, our philosophy remains the same: […]

Does Massage Work for Chronic Low Back Pain?

Lasting lower back pain is one of the most common issues we treat. Massage can be extremely effective in reducing or eliminating chronic low back pain. Whether or not it will be the right path for you depends on a few different factors. Let’s start by saying any time we treat someone with long lasting […]